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R&Z Corporation Advertising has the highest standards of professionalism and therefore our core competency as an outdoor advertising specialist gives us the ability to find the best locations and competitive rates.

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  • Rickshaw Advertising
  • Bulk SMS Marketing
  • Door To Door Distribution
  • Streamers Advertising
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Outdoor Moving Publicity Rickhaw Advertising

Rickshaw Advertising is the most popular and less budget outdoor marketing all over Karachi city. Auto Rickshaw advertising in Karachi is one of the historical outdoor advertising methods.

-Want Your Brand To Move With Rickshaw.
-A Low-Cost Medium for Advertising


Why customers love us

Bulk SMS Marketing Service

Leading and oldest name in bulk Non-branded SMS Marketing in Karachi and all Pakistan. We offer low-cost SMS marketing services and a trusted name from 10 years. Nowadays, all customers have a mobile phone and they read almost all SMS messages sent to their mobile phone. This shows the importance of SMS marketing & the vital role of mobile media in business.

SMS provides several advantages over other forms of communication. Research has shown that SMS has the capacity to access instantaneously a large number of people with mobile connectivity. Mobile users also show a high probability of reading SMS messages.

Why customers love us

Door To Door Distribution

Door to Door marketing is very important like every other type of marketing. As a Marketing company, We highly recommend D2D marketing.
– This is the only marketing type in which customer gets to hold your offer in their hands and it has a longer shelf life. The customer keeps your broucher and gets back to you whenever needed.
– Once 1 customer receives your broucher’s/he tells to their family and friends and through this more word of mouth is generated.

  • We Provide Quality Service for Your Business…
    – Door to Door Flyer Distribution Service “Area of Your Choice”
    – Door to Door Flyer Pamphlet Delivery
Why customers love us

Streamers Advertising In Karachi

The selection of Streamer’s advertising section played an essential role in your ad enhancement. If you are eyeing on the roadside, then be peculiar about the side, where most of the masses while driving or walking can catch your streamers quite easily. Streamers are the most prominent sorts of signage which contribute value as well as relevancy to your brand.

R&Z Corporation Keep Quality of your outdoor polo banner perfect, Use good quality Panaflex, You ad remain perfect and eye-catching on outdoor pole banner. Committed to Quantity, When the R&Z Corporation team talks with you about 1000 pole streamer banner on road, then we cannot assumable 999 on road, We make sure 1000 exact banner quantity on-road banners. On-time fixing on road. R&Z Corporation cannot delay road banner fixing on target area. We do our work with great dedication exact given time.

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  • Rickshaw-Advertising-Karachi
  • streamers-advertising-karachi
  • door-to-door-distribution
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OOH Advertising

We work for clients across both the private and public sectors. These campaigns may be planned and bought directly or through advertising agencies, outdoor specialists, events, PR, marketing and experiential agencies.

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