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Bulk SMS Marketing Software

Bulk SMS Marketing Software sends messages to Thousands of Numbers at Single click. Unleash the Freedom Marketing Whenever Wherever Send Messages non-stop, anywhere, anytime and on any device! with faster Sending speed and a better experience. perfect for any business or professional that wants the lowest cost, easy to use, and most effective marketing & advertising solution.



What is SMS Marketing Software?
This low cost and effective marketing tool allows to send thousands of messages to customers in a single-click. SMS Marketing software has variety of features which can be utilized for different marketing strategies.


You can do brand awareness or you can follow up with your existing customers or prospects.




Why should you choose SMS Marketing?
A recent study shows that 98% of text messages are open within 30 minutes of receiving the message. This stat is helpful to determine the positive outcomes using this SMS Marketing Software.


How It Works :
Very Simple, Even a child can use it :
1-Install SMS Marketing Software with Single Click
2-Connect Ur Mobile Phone with Any Computer with Cable
3-Take a SMS Package from Ur Mobile Company
4-Insert Mobile Numbers (ur own number or provided by us)
5-Compose SMS & Send to All Numbers