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Auto #Rickshaw #advertising in #Karachi is a Good option for #outdoor #marketing. R&Z Corporation Advertising deals in auto-rickshaw backside branding on roadside outdoor advertising and marketing all over Karachi city as well as inside complete cities in Sindh province, Pakistan. We have the operation of rickshaw panaflex pasting for publicity purposes in all Provinces of #Pakistan. We use quality panaflex or vinyl printing for Good #advertising displays at a very competitive price.


  • Want Your Brand To Move With Rickshaw…
  • A Low-Cost Medium for Advertising…


Rickshaw Advertising is the most popular and less-budget outdoor marketing all over Karachi city. Auto Rickshaw advertising in Karachi is one of the historical outdoor advertising methods.

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Statistics (Vehicle Advertising Works)

  • It is the most affordable outdoor medium
  • Effective reach amongst 8 to 80-year-olds
  • Autos tend to stay in prime locations in search of customers, ensuring maximum visibility for your brand.
  • Unlike hoardings which are static, an auto travels to every nook & corner of the city.
  • Hoardings at prime locations are expensive whereas autos carry your brand even there!
  • We also have Flex display autos for economic cost.
  • BUT your target audience is the millions of men, women, and children on the road, in their Luxury Cars, Bikes, buses/taxis/… and they cannot miss the branded autos which run their eye level on the road.
    Travels 150 km a day
  • Up to 20 hours on road, 7 days a week

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By advertising on Auto Rickshaws, your brand moves across the entire city. We give you a
the perfect combo of the best out-of-the-box creative options and unmatched services of Auto Rickshaw advertising We are always on our toes to bring this innovative medium of advertising on Autos in the most trusted and efficient manner to you.