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Vehicle Advertisement Karachi | Backlit Trucks Advertising Karachi

Vehicle advertising in Karachi is basically floats branding wrapped with the brand. Back-lite floats are the tremendous concepts of advertising called backlight truck floats. There are two types of backlit floats both are famous and much needed in the market.

  1. Backlight Float
  2. Creative Float

Both #vehicles #advertising #Karachi are fully covered with graphics and backlit creating a very good marketing impression for advertising.  Master #trucks and Faw trucks are mostly used as #backlit floats. The standard size of the backlight van for advertising trucks is.

  • 12’ x 6’ – 2 (Right and left side of advertising truck)
  • 5’ x 5’ – 1    (Back side size of advertising truck)
  • 5’ x 2’ – 1    (Front side size of advertising truck)

vehicle advertising karachi

Mobile Billboard Truck – Truck advertising can be used for LED fitted big screen video ads according to customer advertisement requirements. R&Z Corporation has a great specialty in providing your required billboard advertising on trucks at your certain marketplace. R&Z Corporation provides these advertising vehicles in Karachi as well as all over Pakistan.

R&Z Corporation advertising is a complete solution provider for all of your branding and advertising and marketing wishes. Our group includes specialists with decade-long experience in advertising and advertising and marketing. We’ve got our very own team of skilled staff from fabrication to print media which acts as our backbone. Every crew member abides by the middle values of the organization and as a result, we get engaged customers who agree with our philosophy and believe in our work. We welcome you to discuss all solutions that we can provide.


Backlit Van Advertisements provide advertisers with greater flexibility in terms of advertisement tenure which could range from 1 to 12 months and specific targeted areas or cities preferred by advertisers.